For over 30 years, Peter May Group has been partnering with clients to secure the equipment they need for their businesses to grow and to help make their goals a reality.

We achieve this by using our knowledge and experience to advise on most appropriate products to suit each client’s unique scenario. This practice has earned us the proud title of “Finance Experts“.

Our team has been busily working on lots of exciting projects and we will be transitioning our name from Peter May Group to PMG Finance over the coming months. We look forward to continuing to deliver great results for our clients and revealing our updated look! 

Benefits of partnering with Peter May Group

The benefits of using our financial services include:

  • Access to a wide choice of lenders and a large selection of products.
  • Expertise – our consultants not only understand finance, but also have an in-depth knowledge of many industries and types of businesses. This experience and know-how enables us to tailor solutions to exact needs.
  • Save time– our client’s time is precious, so we strive to do as much of the legwork as we can and ensure the application and approval process runs smoothly.
  • Convenience & flexibility – we offer around-the-clock availability. We also visit our clients at their place of work, and after hours, if necessary.
  • Superior service– our success has been built on prompt personalised service. We appoint a service specialist to look after each clients account to ensure prompt and reliable care.
  • Regular contact – we regularly monitor and review our clients’ facilities to ensure they stay aligned to their current and future needs. We also provide regular updates, via our Bi monthly Newsletter on changing laws and industry developments to ensure our clients are always able to make informed choices.